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Pinda massage

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A pinda massage involves the use of plant pouches (medicinal pillows)

Pinda Sweda is an ancient Indian massage in the Ayurvedic tradition. A rejuvenating therapy, massaging the body with hot cotton boluses, made up of a combination of herbal leaves, flowers and spices. The body perspires, allowing the heat and herbs to penetrate deep into the skin

All pinda ingredients are completely natural – their external finish is made from cotton fabric, but their filling is comprised of mixtures of plants, rare roots, valuable blossoms and exotic fruit, as well as Mediterranean salt and buckwheat.

There is no skin irritation in a pinda massage. Instead, the pouches neutralize negative energy that is often the cause of health problems. Stress is reduced, internal energy is balanced; unpleasant symptoms are eradicated, stimulating recovery. During the massage, harmful sedimentary substances are expelled from the body, because the specially concocted healing plant mixture is not only absorbed through the skin, but also scented through the nose. The massage is particularly effective in improving blood circulation, lymph circulation and metabolism, as well as relieving tension in tight muscles. The massage induces both spiritual and physical harmony.

Written by Hilde Sportel

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